Sleepless in Toronto / トロントの寝付けない夜

This entry is written in English and Japanese

I was in Toronto, Canada last week attending and speaking at Canadian Music Week. I always find a hard time adjusting to the time difference and, this time being no exception, had quite a few sleepless nights...

先日Canadian Music Weekというイベントのパネル・ディスカッションに参加すべくカナダはトロントに行ってまいりましたが、時差に弱い体質故、今回も案の定寝付けない夜が続きました...

So, one night I thought; "Since my brain refuses to slow down, I might as well write down the crazy thoughts that are keeping it active against, or perhaps being emancipated from, its owner's will."


The followings are "the thoughts" or "psychography", if you like...



"Brain Children" - Ken Nishikawa, 1997

Some people ask me “why are you so interested in linguistics and cultural comparison?” Here is the reason;


My ultimate goal in life is to isolate my soul from all influences I’ve had since my birth.


To know who I really am, I must understand the elements of additives acquired through up-bringing, education, culture and socializing, remove them and see myself for what I truly am.


In order to do so, one must become a bicultural or multi-cultural person. A mono-cultural person cannot draw a line between what is being added by cultural initialization/conditioning and what is a pure consciousness one was born with for s/he is unable to grasp the part - her/his own culture (when I say “culture”, I include language, general temperaments, religion, -isms, politics, the lot) – in its entirety and purity.


If your country and her culture is the only country and culture you know, you will never be able to put them into perspective. You need to travel abroad, live with different people and speak other language(s) in order to truly understand your country and culture. If you are unable to see your own culture in objective, three-dimensional manner, you will never be able to separate it from your pure consciousness or soul, if you like.


Some says they are inseparable. I disagree.


It is a scientific approach to zen nirvana.


Asking questions such as “why do you need to know such a thing?” or “You find yourself, then what?” is like asking a quantum physicist “what is the point of discovering the origin of the universe?”


Answer is not important. Question is.


The ultimate truth is not the eternal answer. It is the eternal question.


“Reality” is about the answer. “Truth” is about the question.


Riddle is the fountain of life-force.


Finally, I’d like to add that this is one of many paths, not the only one, that lead one to the palace of wisdom.